The Brigham Galleries


Leslie Adams
Ted Seth Jacobs
Juliette Aristides
Linda Harris Reynolds
John D. Bailey
Brandon Soloff
Neilson Carlin
Martine Vaugel
Dennis Cheaney
Jerry Weiss
James Childs
William Whitaker
Daniel Greene
HongNian Zhang
Richard Halstead

The curve of a cheek; The playful sparkle in the eye; The dignity of an appointment or professional honor…

How better to capture these elements than through the enduring tradition of portraiture?  Whether it be to preserve a tender glance or to commemorate a personal or professional occasion, a portrait can suspend a moment in time and bear witness to the significant events in our lives. 


For centuries, the art of portraiture has recorded generations of changes in society, culture, and history.  The first known portraits date back to the Egyptian nobility of 3100 B.C.  In our day and age, portraiture is available to everyone, regardless of wealth or stature. 


The Brigham Galleries is a fine art gallery with a specialty in portraiture.  We are working with a number of internationally renowned portrait artists who will accept commissions.  The group is comprised of both emerging and established artists; several of them are among the world’s most talented portraitists. 


Please browse through this list of artists and samples of their work to select the artist who will record your moments and bear witness to your life. 


Sara B. Boyce